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"I'm still piecing together who I am and what I can do. But at the end of the day, I'm here to help the people of Metropolis. That's what matters."

— Superman [src]

Superman, also known by his birth name Kal-El, (born: 2001), and adopted name Clark Kent, is a powerful Kryptonian superhero and the titular main protagonist of the My Adventures with Superman series.

As an infant, Superman was sent to Earth from his dying planet called Krypton, and was raised by a human couple, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent on a farm in Smallville, Kansas and was named "Clark Kent" as their surrogate son.

At an young age, Clark discovers his superhuman physical capabilities and ability to fly.

Some time later, Clark began to work at the Daily Planet, a news organization, along with his best friend Jimmy Olsen where he meet his love interest Lois Lane. Clark initially wanted to be normal and kept his powers a secret, following a traumatic encounter with the A.I of his biological father, Jor-El. However, Clark later decides to use his powers to fight crime and help people for the forces of good as a superhero known as Superman, while finding the answers to his mysterious origins.


Early Life[]

Kal-El was born on the planet Krypton to Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van of the House of El, he was placed into a pod by his parents to avoid the inevitable destruction of his home world caused by war. Kal was sent just before the explosion and had a set path to Earth. Kal crash landed in Smallville, Kansas and was found and adopted by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. Kal-El was given the name of "Clark Kent", and was raised on the Kent Farm.



Clark Kent as a child.

Clark's childhood was relatively normal with him sometimes playing in the farm with his kite outside as he made a few friends like Lana Lang in his farm.

One day, while playing, Clark got his kite stuck in a tree. He made several attempts to get it down to no avail. He then noticed a car speeding down the road, heading straight for a large pothole. The car drove into the pothole, causing it to go off road, spinning out of control. In that instant, Clark's Kryptonian powers began to manifest for the first time under the Earth's sun, allowing him to quickly catch up to the car and stop the car from crashing into a tree, thus saving the driver's life. Following this incident, Clark went back for his kite.

While getting it down from the tree, Clark learned that he could fly. The young boy sometime later discovered his enhanced strength and speed.

Some time after those events, young Clark would reveal his powers to his parents who would take him to the ship they found him in. The ship activates in response to Clark's presence, manifesting a hologram of Jor-El, Clark's biological father, who would begin to speak to him in a language he did not understand. The ship begins to open up, causing Martha and Jonathan to almost fall inside, but they are rescued by Clark. This incident would traumatize Clark, who decided to rebury the ship underneath the farm and never return to it.

College Years[]

Afraid of hurting the people he loves, as well as feeling like an outsider because of his powers, Clark would distance himself from Lana and the others, afraid of hurting someone due to his abilities. Growing up to be someone socially inept, Clark would grow to have a great love for everyone as he began studying at a university where he would meet Jimmy Olsen who was also a freshman.

The two were roommates and quickly became best friends. Clark frequently broke things because of his superhuman strength, something that did not go unnoticed by Jimmy. The friendship between the two had grown to the point that he would often take Jimmy to Smallville to spend charitable time with his family during Thanksgiving.

Season 1[]

Internship at the Daily Planet[]

Clark and Jimmy would be accepted for an internship at the Daily Planet. On his way to buy donuts, he stumbles upon a missing cat, which he returns to the owner using his superhuman speed. At the bakery, he meets Lois Lane.

He attempts to introduce himself to Lois when the elderly shop-keep puts a bib on Clark, as he is known to be messy when eating donuts. Embarrassed, Clark grabs the boxes of donuts and runs out of the bakery, accidentally destroying the front door in the process, which he apologizes for, promising to fix it later.

Clark and Jimmy are then seen running down towards the Daily Planet building. Jimmy gets distracted by his camera, almost getting hit by an incoming garbage truck that was crossing a red light, but Clark uses his superhuman speed to save his friend, with Jimmy being completely oblivious to what had just happened.

The duo meet Perry White in his office, where they are introduced to Lois Lane, who is also an intern at the Daily Planet. Clark and Lois immediately recognize each other from the bakery. Perry tasks Lois with showing Clark and Jimmy the ropes. Lois is quick to suggest that the new interns could help her with a story she wanted to write about robots that were stolen from a military base, which Clark and Jimmy enthusiastically go along with, discussing strategies on how to get the scoop.

This is stopped when Perry tells Clark and Jimmy to leave his office and tells Lois to stay behind to talk to her alone. Afterwards, Lois tells Clark and Jimmy that Perry approved Lois' investigation regarding the stolen robots and asks the pair to go with her. Jimmy comments on Clark's obvious crush on Lois but Clark denies this, stating that he simply admires her as a professional.

Investigation at the warehouse[]

Clark, Jimmy and Lois meet up with Lois' source, who is revealed to be Flip Johnson, a young girl who delivers newspapers for the Daily Planet. After some negotiation, Flip tells the trio of a few notable things she and her friends saw during their routes, one of them being garbage trucks crossing red lights. This causes Clark to remember the garbage truck that almost hit Jimmy. Clark and Lois piece together that it is likely that the criminals who raided the military base would garbage trucks to transport the stolen items. After asking Flip some further questions regarding the trucks, Clark Jimmy and Lois are led to a warehouse.

While investigating the warehouse, which turned out to be almost completely empty, Clark receives a call from Perry who angrily demands that the three of them return to the Daily Planet, causing Clark to realize that Lois lied about Perry approving the investigation. Lois shows Clark a clue she and Jimmy found in the warehouse indicating that the thieves are currently in the Port of Metropolis but Clark confronts her about lying, refusing to take any further part in the investigation. Lois then heads for the Port of Metropolis, dragging Jimmy along.


Clark in an empowered state.

Becoming Superman[]

As Clark starts walking back to the Daily Planet building, he is approached by a panicked Flip, who tells him that Lois and Jimmy found the stolen robots and are currently in grave danger. Clark immediately heads to the port to save them. When he arrives at the port, Clark pushes Jimmy away from a giant robot but is hurled into a pile of boxes by the robot. Clark dons a dock worker uniform that he found and rushes back to save Lois and Jimmy who were corned by the robot. Just as they are about to be crushed by the robot, Clark intervenes and engages the robot in battle. After a fight that led to Clark sustaining some injuries, he is able to knock the robot down and tear out its power source, destroying it.

This is witnessed by Lesie Willis, the criminal responsible for stealing the robots. Leslie proceeds to activate every single one of the robots she stole before fleeing the scene. The robots are able to quickly overwhelm Clark with their superior numbers. One of the robots attempts to finish him off with a laser blast but it is shut down by Lois who realized that all the robots could be manually deactivated using buttons located on the containers Leslie and her gang used to transport them. As Lois starts to deactivate the robots one by one, they turn their attention to her and begin to fire lasers at her. She successfully deactivates all except one that destroyed its container, preventing Lois from deactivating it. As the robot prepares to kill Lois, a badly injured Clark reaches out for her. His eyes begin to glow and his body starts emitting electricity. He flies towards the robot at high speed and punches it with enough force to send it flying back, defeating it in a single blow.

After the battle, Clark is approached by Lois, who asks who he is, unable to see his face due to his disguise. Clark doesn't answer and flies away. Lois then heads to search for Clark, unaware that the mysterious man who saved her from the robots was him. Clark, no longer wearing his disguise, reunites with Lois and Jimmy. Lois apologizes for lying and Jimmy tearfully embraces him, relieved to see that he is fine. It is here that Lois comes up with the nickname of the mysterious flying man who defeated the robots, "Superman".

The trio are later seen at Perry's office, trying to pitch their story, with Jimmy showing the pictures he took of the incident involving Superman but Perry rejects the story. Perry admonishes Lois for going out to investigate the story and getting Clark and Jimmy involved, but Clark defends her, telling Perry that she was right about the stolen robots. Perry is exasperated but doesn't further reprimand his interns, simply telling them to leave his office. Despite the rejection, Lois remains optimistic, telling Clark and Jimmy that they can get published if they get an exclusive interview with Superman and reveal all his secrets. This makes Clark nervous.

Superman Costume

Kal-El receiving his costume.

The next day, Clark and Jimmy show up to work early at Lois' request. She shows them their new office (which is actually the newspaper morgue) where they could work on investigating Superman together. Afterwards, Clark decides to visit Smallville to see his mother, deciding that he is finally ready to revisit his ship, and explore his origins, despite the incident that took place when he was a child. Once more, the ship responds to his presence and begins to open up. Clark goes inside. The ship manifests a holographic representation of Jor-El who shows Clark a vision of Krypton's destruction and of himself as an infant. When Clark re-emerges from the ship, he is wearing a blue and red costume. Martha is initially worried but he sets her mind at ease when he tells her that he is still her son. She remarks he is, but now, he is something else as well. She also states that the costume could use some adjustments and asks him to follow her. When he is next seen, Martha has sown a pair of red shorts to go with the costume. Jonathen Kent walks into the room with Clark's phone, as he had received a phone call from Jimmy. On the other line, Clark hears Lois' voice saying something about explosives. Realizing that his friends are in danger, Clark tells his parents that he loves them and flies to Metropolis.

Confrontation with Livewire[]

Superman vs Livewire

Livewire attacks Superman.

In Metropolis, Leslie Willis and Slade Wilson are fighting, with Lois and Jimmy caught in the crossfire. Leslie, armed with a high-tech suit that allows her to manipulate electricity hurls a truck at Slade, Lois and Jimmy. Slade is able to move out of the way, but Lois and Jimmy aren't. Just as the truck is about to crush them, it is stopped mid-air by Superman. Leslie begins throwing nearby vehicles at Superman, angry with him for interfering with her criminal operations. Jimmy Olsen tells Superman that Leslie had set up explosives in the sewers. Seeing that Leslie was attempting to shoot a blast of electricity at an open manhole to trigger the explosives, moves in the way of the blast, causing him to drop to his knees. Leslie prepares to hit him with a powerful electricity attack but is stopped when Slade Wilson puts a taser to her suit's power source. This makes Livewire's suit to overload, causing her to float into the air in a large sphere of electricity that pulls any metal object in the vicinity towards it. Superman flies into the sphere, where she viciously attacks him. Superman tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her and only wishes to help. He then removes the suit's power source and crushes it, causing Livewire to depower and fall to the ground but she is caught by Superman who gently sets her down. With Livewire defeated, Superman goes to check on Lois and Jimmy but when he turns around, Leslie is no longer there. He then sets to undo the damage Leslie caused, using his superhuman speed to put all the displaced objects back to where they originally were.

Jimmy Interrupts Clark and Lois' Moment

Clark and Lois' romantic moment is interrupted by Jimmy.

Later that day Clark is visited in his apartment by Lois. She excitedly tells him that they got the story published and how she wishes he could have been there to see it. Clark tells her that he had doubt she'd be able to do it because he thinks she is extraordinary. The two of them begin to get physically closer but the romantic moment is interrupted by Jimmy, who announces that he got an advance copy of the Daily Planet's newspaper from Flip, with their story about Superman as the front page story. Lois is initially ecstatic that their story got the front page but this is short-lived when Jimmy directs her to read the byline, which gives the credit for the story to Cat Grant, Ronnie Troupe, and Steve Lombard instead of them.

Investigating Intergang[]


Clark, Lois and Jimmy posing as the Scoop Troupe.

At the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois hear the voice of a distressed Jimmy coming from their makeshift office. Upon entering the room, they find that all the research on Superman that they had complied Superman was being taken away by Cat, Steve and Ronnie, also known as the Scoop Troupe, who Perry had assigned to write about Superman. Clark suggests that they could look for a different story unrelated to Superman. At this moment, an emergency news broadcast about Siobhan McDougal's escape from prison plays. Clark suggests that the three of them should investigate, to which Lois agrees.

When the trio arrive at the prison where Siobhan was previously held at, he questions how they would convince the warden to talk to some interns. Lois reveals that she stole the Scoop Troupe's badges. Clark is against the scheme but ultimately concedes and reluctantly goes along with it. The interns interview the prison warden, with Lois posing as Cat, Jimmy posing as Ronnie and Clark, with a great deal of reluctance, posing as Steve. The warden tells them that Siobhan and her accomplices are part a group of petty criminals who call themselves Intergang. At this moment, the warden receives a phone call, announcing that Cat, Steve and Ronnie would be there soon. The warden tells the person on the other end of line that the reporters were already there. Realizing that their covers were blown, Clark, Lois and Jimmy swiftly leave when the warden was distracted by the phonecall. They are then seen running through the halls. Clark suggests that they should look for the exit, but Lois counters, saying they could instead investigate the site of the prison break, revealing that she had snatched the warden's keycard. Clark is amused by this, stifling a laugh. When Lois takes notice of this, he denies it, stating that he is very perturbed by her actions because stealing is wrong.

Using the keycard, they find the cell Siobhan used to be held in and search it for clues. They find a piece of paper with a list of times written on it. Realizing that the prison guards are closing in on them, the trio escape using the hole Intergang had blasted into the wall of the prison to escape. Once outside, they begin discussing what Intergang could be planning. Jimmy shows a drawing of a bank layout made by Siobhan he found in her cell. Clark, Jimmy and Lois realize that Intergang plans to rob a bank and considering Siobhan's desire for respect, it would also have to be the most difficult bank to rob: the Metropolitan City Bank, with list of times corresponding to the times of day that the bank receives cash transfers. The trio then head over to the bank, realizing the heist would be taking place within the next few minutes.

Superman versus Intergang[]

Superman vs Rough House

Superman faces off against Rough House of Intergang.

When the trio arrive at the bank, Lois reveals her plan to get captured by Intergang so that Superman would come to their rescue, allowing them to finally get an interview. Clark is upset by this but the conversation is cut short when a large wall of ice bursts out of the bank's front door. Clark pushes Lois and Jimmy out of the way and takes advantage of the chaos to change into his Superman costume. Clark, as Superman, tells Lois and Jimmy to get to safety before heading into the bank to confront Intergang.

Heat Vision

Superman uses Heat Vision for the first time.

Inside the bank, Superman tells Intergang to unfreeze everyone but is immediately attacked by them. In the ensuing fight, Superman easily throws Rough House aside. Intergang then attempts to freeze Superman with their stolen freeze ray but this fails due to their incompetence. The freeze ray gets jammed and Intergang is unable to shut it off. Rough House then punches the device in an attempt to shut it down, destroying it. This causes the device's core to be exposed, freezing everything in the vicinity. The ice begins to spread out of the bank, threatening to freeze all of Metropolis. Ice begins to envelop Superman's body and in this instant, he uses Heat Vison for the first time, firing very hot laser beams from his eyes. Superman directs his Heat Vision towards the freeze ray's core, melting it and stopping the spread of the ice. Afterwards, he disarms the members of Intergang and destroys their weapons. A group of paramedics enters the scene and Superman tells them that the people in the back need immediate attention before exiting.

Outside the bank, Lois and Jimmy call out for Clark. Lois sees Superman and tells him that they can't find Clark, but Superman assures her that Clark is fine. He then tells her that he heard she wanted to interview him. In that moment, the Scoop Troupe shows up. Lois suggests that they should have the interview somewhere else. Superman agrees and flies away with Lois to the top of the Daily Planet building. Lois asks Superman why he agreed to an interview, to which he replies that she stayed back to help others when the freeze ray malfunctioned, so the least he could do was answer a few questions. Lois asks him about his origins and his powers but he is unable to give a proper answer due to not knowing any of this himself. He admits that he knows very little about himself but ultimately all he wants is to help the people of Metropolis before flying off. He comes back shortly after as Clark Kent and asks her how her interview with Superman went, to which Lois replies that Superman is a liar, much to Clark's surprise.

AmazoTech Gala[]

Clark Confronts Ivo

Clark confronting Ivo

Clark, Lois and Jimmy are called into Perry's office. Perry offers them the chance to do some real journalism by attending a gala held by AmazoTech CEO Anthony Ivo so that they can get photographs and testimonies for an interest piece about Ivo being Metropolis' most eligible bachelor that Cat Grant is writing. Clark points out that Ivo has a history of doing shady things. The trio dress up in their best outfits for the event. Clark waits for Lois in their makeshift office so that they can leave but Jimmy arrives first. Jimmy accidentally knocks a magazine off a table containing an article about a flying boy in Kansas and Clark quickly tears out the page before anyone else sees it. Lois eventually shows up and the sight of her makes Clark blush. At the gala, Lois reveals that she has no intention of asking the gala attendees trivial questions and instead wants to question the guests about Ivo's shady dealings. Clark says they shouldn't because doing this will get them thrown out.

Lois fixes clark's jacket

Lois fixes Clark's vest.

The peace of the gala is interrupted when Ivo makes a flashy entrance and announces AmazoTech's latest product that will be unveiled later in the night. After his brief and flashy presentation, Clark approaches Ivo who is having an argument with Curtis, a board member at AmazoTech. Ivo makes friendly banter with Clark, offering to give all the details he needs for the bachelor article and even offers to introduce him to all the eligible bachelorettes attending the Gala. Ivo then makes a rude remark about Lois which angers Clark, prompting him to ask Ivo about all his illegal dealings despite initially being against it initially. This gets a laugh out of Ivo who then has his security guards throw Clark out of the gala through the backdoor. Lois goes to check on him and jokingly says she doesn't know if she should allow him back in because he doesn't follow instructions. Clark points out that his suit jacket is ripped. Lois asks him to take it off, which causes him to blush. She then begins to fix his jacket when she gets a phone call from her father which she chooses not to answer. She tells Clark a bit about her rocky relationship with her father. Clark attempts to cheer her up by telling her that she's gotten him into a lot of trouble but she also gave him the chance to do more than just serve coffee as an intern and he thanks her for that. Lois thanks him for saying that. He is about to confess that he is Superman but she suddenly says that she doesn't like Superman because she doesn't like the fact that he's clearly hiding things, making him change his mind at the last second.

Clark and Lois are interrupted when they see a crying AmazoTech employee running out from a hidden room. They go to investigate it and Lois tries to open the reinforced door but fails to. Clark uses his superhuman strength to open the door but passes it off as the door just being stuck. In the room, the see Ivo and his assistant Alex talking about the latest AmazoTech creation, the Parasite Suit. Alex tries to dissuade Ivo from using it as it is just a prototype and has been known to have unpredictable effects. Ivo tells Alex to stop talking and expresses anger at the board of director being against him and later on being humiliated when Clark asked him questions about his shady practices. Ivo returns to the main hall, eager to demonstrate the technology's capabilites.

Superman vs parasite

Superman battles Ivo in the Parasite Suit.

At the main hall, Ivo, completely dangles Curtis, the board member he was arguing with out of a window in order to bait out Superman into coming and fighting him so that he can show off the Parasite's capabilities. When the panicked guests try to flee, Ivo locks the building down so they are all forced to witness his battle with Superman. Getting impatient with waiting for Superman, Ivo drops Curtis from the window. Clark hurriedly switches into his Superman costume which he had been wearing underneath his suit and saves Curtis from falling to his death. Superman flies up to the gala hall to confront Ivo and tell him to release the guests, but Ivo refuses. He then orders Alex to activate the Portable Amazo Panic Room, creating an arena where he and Superman can fight in as well as providing the Parasite suit with a constant flow of power. Ivo rushes at Superman and punches him in the stomach, followed by a kick. He attacks Superman again but Superman counters with an uppercut. Ivo then reveals the suit's ability to absorb kinetic energy. The energy from Superman's punch causes the Parasite to grow in size and Ivo strikes Superman with the suit's tail. Superman then attempts to use his hear vision but the Parasite absorbs that too and redirects it at Superman. Losing himself to the suit, Ivo then begins to attack random guests. He grabs a man from the crowd and hurls him into the air but Superman catches the man, saving him from harm. Ivo then grabs ahold of Superman and pushes him against the Panic Room's forcefield. The forcefield shocks Superman and the Parasite begins to drain him. When the Panic Room is disabled by Lois and Jimmy, the Parasite loses its constant supply of power. Superman is able to turn the tide of the fight as the Parasite suit gradually weakens. Superman dodges all of Ivo's attacks but refuses to strike back. Eventually, the suit completely runs out of power and in the absence of any other power, the suit begins to drain Ivo himself. Superman rushes to pry the suit off of Ivo before it kills him. Underneath the armor, Ivo is shown to be an emaciated husk but he is still alive thanks to Superman.

Kiss on the cheek

Lois kisses Clark on the cheek.

Superman immediately brings the barely alive Ivo to an ambulance. Ivo expresses his rage at Superman asking how he benefits from any of this. Superman tells Ivo to look around at the injured guests, asking if it's really so hard to believe that he just wants to help. Ivo is then taken away by the paramedics. Switching back to Clark Kent, he alongside Jimmy and Lois go to the secret room where they had previously seen Ivo and Alex talk, only to find that it's been completely cleared of any of the stolen Kryptonian technology that Ivo had used to build the Parasite suit. Outside, Clark has a conversation with Lois where he explains the urgency of finding the alien technology as soon as possible and unconverting the truth about who was behind it disappearing. Lois then kisses him on the cheek, endeared by his dedication to uncovering the truth. Lois clears her throat and changes the subject, telling Clark she was wondering whether or not this counted as a date. She then starts shivering and Clark puts his suit jacket over her shoulders before asking her what she decided. She responds by kissing him on the cheek again, which clearly makes him quite happy. She then asks him to walk her home.

Target of Task Force X[]

Unaware that Lois has discovered his secret, Clark continues to act as normal going on his morning jog and comes in with a new case to get Lois' mind off Superman. Lois suggests asking Superman for help, Clark refuses stating that he believes Superman doesn't know anything but Lois insists, Clark instead takes this as Lois accepting and gets ready to get the job done. Suddenly he hears the radio multiple times and goes out multiple times as Superman to save the day in an obvious manner but makes the excuse of getting food which he never comes back with which makes it easier for Lois to suspect that he is Superman. Clark continues to save the city as Lois tries to catch up with him, eventually she does and asks Superman about Clark, Superman to not expose his identity plays dumb but Lois not giving up cuffs herself to Superman until Clark can arrive. Heat Wave then arrives and engages Superman in battle, however when he gauntlets malfunction she explains that her and her team have been caught by someone she believes to be Superman, Superman denies such accusations but Heat Wave is unwilling to believe it could be anyone else. Heat Wave's gauntlets then reactivate and Superman protects Heat Wave as she gets away, believing Lois is in danger Superman takes her to the Daily Planet and breaks the handcuffs before leaving.

Superman then followed Heat Wave and found her with the two continuing their battle, as they did Deathstroke who had been following them (unbeknownst to them) was watching from afar waiting on orders from The General and Amanda Waller. After being told to attack Heat Wave, Deathstroke went after her but Superman began protecting Heat Wave while also trying to stop her, this led to Superman being attacked by both robots and Deathstroke at which point The General and Amanda Waller revealed themselves. They told Superman of their intentions to "expose him" and prove he was not who he said he was, during the battle Deathstroke and Superman knocked down a road pillar, Superman knocked Deathstroke away to stop him from destroying the road pillar as doing so put civilians in danger and he wanted to fix it. Seeing that the battle was putting civilians in danger he decided (against Amanda's judgement) to retract Deathstroke as Superman fixed the pillar. Superman upon seeing that Deathstroke was gone left and went back to being Clark and reunited with Lois, however a wound on his neck that he tried to explain away as a "shaving incident" gave him away and Lois to test if he was Superman or not jumped off the building giving Clark no choice but to reveal himself. The two then had a disagreement in which Lois made it clear that whatever she and Clark had was over at which point the two both sadly went their separate ways unaware that Jimmy had been kidnapped.


Clark Kent

Kal-El is a tall young man with light skin with a muscular build. He has dark hair and blue eyes.

As a civilian, he wears a pair of glasses. His typical outfit consists of a beige pullover, with a white dress shirt and a blue tie underneath and black pants and light brown loafers.

As Superman, his outfit consists of a blue bodysuit sporting the crest of House El, with red boots and red shorts. He also wears a red cape.


"Who am I?"

— Clark Kent [src]

In his civilian persona, Clark is a nice, kind-hearted and friendly guy who desires a normal life. Despite being clumsy and a bit of a dork, his good-natured demeanor is a breath of fresh air to his friends and makes him someone to depend on. His honesty and authenticity has even won Lois's heart. In short, Clark acts like a Boy Scout and tries not to get into too much trouble, though trouble seems to find a way to catch up to him. In the beginning, however, Clark was hesitant of using his powers, displaying a strong apprehension of losing control while also being seen as a freak. When his friends were in trouble, he let go of those inhibitions and risked his life to save them.

As Superman, Clark is compassionate, selfless, heroic, willing to risk his own life to save those in need. Much of his bravery and nobility are genuinely Clark's, though amplified when taking on his superhero persona. And while he still tries to be cautious, the experiences he learns on the job help him become a better hero. Not only that, but as the Man of Steel, Clark will save anyone, including the villains he fights, showing a true benevolent spirit. It also seems that in his superhero persona he seems to be more confident about himself being less clumsy and with more self control.

Despite all of his kindness and compassion Clark isn't above showing annoyance, sass, displeasure or sarcasm as see in the case of Jor-El with Clark having a visibly annoyed face when his father called him out for bringing Lois to the ship only for Clark to respond with the fact that he was chasing him. Another example is when Kara kidnapped him from Earth. Kara stated that his uncooperative attitude was unappreciated only for Clark to sarcastically respond that he was sorry to not bond with his kidnapper and when she knocks him unconscious he sarcastically responded that the next time he woke up it would be in a cheerful mood.


See Superman/Relationships.

Powers and Abilities[]


Kryptonian Physiology: As a Kryptonian, once charged by Earth's yellow sunlight, Superman possesses various superhuman powers and abilities. It is also revealed that Clark is a special case among his species, due to his bio-electric aura.

  • Superhuman Strength: Superman possesses his superhuman strength that allows him to lift and press more than 100 tons, making him a powerhouse in combat situations. He can fight and overpower giant robots and take on powerful supervillains he faced including Parasite, even as he just begins to learn to use his powers, and he can easily throw Rough House aside, allowing him to perform several immense feats with his sheer willpower, his strength is so great as he is able to knockout two guards by tapping them with his left index finger and as well as destroying several guns with his barehands.
  • Superhuman Speed: Superman possesses his superhuman speed that allows him to run and fly at supersonic speeds, as he appears as a blur to the naked eye which is shown that he can quickly swipe up guns from Amanda Waller's men, and likewise possesses enhanced reflexes and agility.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Superman possesses extraordinary superhuman stamina. He can continue physical exertion for prolonged periods of time without showing any signs of exhaustion.
  • Superhuman Durability: Superman's body is highly durable, making him nearly impervious to energy forces, toxins, and diseases and as well as making him bulletproof, and able to withstand intense physical impacts and powerful attacks. He is able to take heavy attacks from giant robots and energy beams. His body can even injure an ordinary man's hand if punched.
  • Superhuman Hearing: From a cat stuck in a tree to an infant's heartbeat, Superman can hear anything and anyone from miles away. As he learns to control this attribute he figures out how to tune out hearing certain details, as he fails to hear the entire conversation that Lois has with her father even though he picked up everything else without difficulty.
  • Superhuman Breath: Superman is able to generate an overwhelming hurricane-force winds, freeze targets by chilling exhaled air or inhale large volumes of air or vapor as demonstrated when he used to blow against Waller and her men. It was also able to counter Kara's heat vision and cause snow to start falling from the sky.
  • Superhuman Vision: Superman can see farther than the average human.
  • X-Ray Vision: Superman can see through anything with the exception of lead.
  • Heat Vision: As per his own words, Superman can shoot a powerful beams of fire from his eyes with control over their intensity and area of effect.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: He can seemingly breathe and Survive in space for an indefinite amount of time with no Negative side-effects.
  • Flight: Superman has the ability to fly at the incredible speeds and can freely move in any direction he wants.
  • Accelerated Healing: After the Kryptonite blast from Leader Lois had worn off, Superman quickly recovered.
  • Bio-Electric Aura: Superman possesses a unique ability to generate a bio-electric aura that envelops his body and anything he's touching, providing a protective shield against attacks and even containment of powerful energy sources like the Amertek fusion core. This aura flares up whenever he activates his powers, manifesting as glowing blue eyes and electric sparks crackling around his body.
    • Electricity Reflection: While his aura is active, Superman can reflect electrical attacks, such as he did when Livewire attacked him.


  • Journalist: Clark has a degree in journalism.
  • Skilled Combatant: Superman is a powerful combatant, having used his godly-powers to combat and overwhelm criminals and supervillains, having been able to defeat giant robots, Intergang, Task Force X, and overpowering Parasite twice. However, it should be noted, Superman only fights by relying on his overwhelming strength and speed and when facing off against someone else with similar powers, he can be overwhelmed.
  • Indomitable Will: Clark possesses an unyielding determination.
  • Investigation: Clark has investigative skills.
  • Tactical Analysis: Clark can analyze tactical situations.



  • Superman Suit: Superman's suit appears much tougher and durable than regular attires. His suit is incapable to be torn, worn out, cut, stained, or burned it is proven much invulnerable as much as Superman is himself, thanks to the Earth's sun.


  • Escape Pod: Once disaster struck on Krypton, Kal-El was sent to Earth by pod.


  • Kryptonite: As shown in "Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal," Superman is vulnerable to a green mineral that renders him weak and ill when exposed, having a similar effect to being poisoned and could potentially be fatal long-term. A unique condition to the show for Kryptonite radiation is that prolonged exposure can cause Kryptonite to make small growths of crystals to come out of his skin, causing extreme pain. This effect completely disappears once the source of Kryptonite exposure is removed, allowing Superman's body to use solar energy to heal and restore his powers.
  • Red Solar Energy: Red solar radiation replaces the higher-yield yellow solar energy in Superman's cells, robbing him of the fuel for his powers and rendering him as weak as a human.


  • Krypton: Superman's birthplace, where he was born as Kal-El. Once disaster struck on this planet, Kal-El was sent to Earth by pod.
  • Earth: Superman's new home planet.
    • Smallville: The town Superman resided in as Clark Kent.
      • Kent Farm: With his "Ma" and "Pa", Clark lived on a farm in Smallville.
    • Metropolis: The city Clark Kent moved to later in his life.




  • In the comics, Kal-El was transferred to Earth by his parents who were soon to be evaporated on their dying planet Krypton, raised by the Kent family. Renamed as Clark Joseph Kent, Kal-El would soon learn he could use his alien powers for good as Superman.

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