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"It does not matter what they think. You forced me to destroy worlds, but I will fight for this one!"

— Kara standing up to Brainiac in order to defend Earth from him. [src]

Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl and The Warrior is one of the overarching antagonists of Season 1 (alongside Brainiac). She's also the series tritagonist and former antagonist of Season 2 of My Adventures with Superman.

Born into the House of El, Kara is the daughter of Zor-El, the brother of Jor-El, thereby Kal-El's paternal cousin. She was sent away by her father in the last moments before Krypton fell, the same day when Clark was sent away by his parents.

But it was all for naught as Kara was found by Brainiac, following the aftermath of her home planet's destruction, Kara was raised and brainwashed to serve the evil machine as his second in command in his campaign to conquer throughout the universe. After discovering Brainiac's malevolent intentions, she turned against him.


Early Life[]

Kara Zor-El was born on the planet Krypton to young Zor-El and his wife, Alura In-Ze. She was placed into a pod by her father to avoid Krypton's inevitable destruction, during the last moments before the planet fell, the same day when her cousin Kal-El was sent away by her aunt and uncle. Kara was sent just before the explosion.

But she was later found by Brainiac, the robotic entity who found and raised her in order to serve the maniacal A.I as his second in command in his campaign to conquer the rest of the universe.

An Act of Rebellion[]

After Superman destroyed his ship and the portal. Brainiac went off to tell Kara that the planet has resisted their efforts of conquest. The mind-controlled daughter of the House of El says that their resistance is irrelevant, for in the end, Earth will kneel[1]

Finding the Only Person Who Understands Her[]

Two Lanes Diverged[]

After Kara receives a message from Earth, she learns her cousin, Kal-El was alive, so she immediately left Kandor intending to locate him.

Most Eligible Superman[]


The Machine Who Would Be Empire[]


Path to Redemption[]

The Death of Clark Kent[]


Pierce the Heavens, Superman![]

Jimmy and Kara return to Earth with Lois's body to regroup but are apprehended by Amada Waller and Lex Luthor, who believe them to have summoned Superman to invade. Thanks to a Flamebird post, they are rescued by the Daily Planet. As Kara wonders what to do now that she knows everything, she ever believed in was a lie, Jimmy comforted her telling Kara that Superman was also bred for combat but that is not all that he is, and she also can choose what kind of person she wants to be. As the invasion progressed, Kara confronted Brainiac once more and after hearing what he thought was best, she finally accepted that Brainiac was just a heartless machine and renounced him as a father as she engaged him in battle.

After Lois successfully frees Superman's mind, Brainiac is forced to retreat back into his original body and attaches anti-kryptonite armor to himself and his forces, which allows him to dispatch and take control of Luthor's army of Metallos. Brainiac then tries destroying Earth with a giant laser but is stopped first by Kara and then by a recovered Superman, now brandishing new armor. The cousins try to attack Brainiac, but he uses the Metallos to shoot them both with kryptonite severely weakening them and knocking them out.

My Adventures with Supergirl[]



As the Warrior, she is seen wearing a black and white combat suit with the House of El family crest on her chest, a red cape and a helmet with only one glowing red eye.

Outside of the Warrior, Kara is shown to be a pretty, blonde, blue eyed young woman with a rather voluptuous yet lean build figure. On Earth, she wears a black vest over a white shirt, blue pants and brown flat shoes. She also wears a black bracelet with a red stone on her right wrist which is actually her combat suit.


As the Warrior, she seems to be very confident. When she is told that Earth is in rebellion, she simply dismisses it, saying that they will conquer it in the end.[2] Having no qualms in seeing a world burn with the citizens screaming, seeing it as natural for conquering. Due to being under Brainiac's care, Kara believes all Kryptonians should be warriors, as such she looks down on Clark's lifestyle, then deeming him to be both a joke and a disappointment. She also seems to be border-on aggressive as she attacked Clark without hesitation when ordered to. However, she was hesitant to keep fighting in front of innocent citizens, seeing how visibly scared they were, only to continue when being controlled by the evil machine. It is later revealed that her warrior persona was the result of Brainiac placing her under periodic mind control and utilizing mental conditioning, as Kara’s true self becomes horrified and traumatized by the acts of genocide she committed and was lied to by Brainiac, who stated the planets that she actually destroyed had become part of the New Kryptonian Empire. So, in truth, Kara didn't know the true nature of conquering and she never liked the intention of hurting innocent people. This revelation is enough for her to turn against Brainiac to stop him, even if she is reluctant due to Brainiac having been her father for many years.

Though despite being ruthless, she is also curious about ordinary life and new places, which allows her to disobey from Brainiac's commands and attempt to discover Clark, as despite learning that Earth was in rebellion against the evil machine's empire, Kara sought out to find her long lost cousin no matter the cost. Hoping to find a warrior, but in reality, wanting to find the only person in the universe who truly understands her.

Upon arriving on Earth to look for Clark, she became visibly confused and fascinated by the Earth. She does not understand Earth's machinery as when a truck came at her, she prepared to punch it away. She also seems to be a bit naive when it comes to Earth as when Jimmy told her that he is a leader at the planet as in her mind, thought he was actually the leader of the entire Earth not knowing that he meant the Daily Planet. Kara also has trouble understanding hyperbole, slang or idioms as when Clark teased her about having a crush on Jimmy, she stated that she didn’t want to crush him, she wanted to conquer his planet.

Kara has an interest in food as shown in "Most Eligible Superman". Kara loved the taste of Earth’s food so much; she was so excited to eat it that made Jimmy spend nearly a thousand dollars of his money on her for food. In "The Machine Who Would Be Empire" Kara had curiosity of what her home world's fruit tasted like. She also has a mischievous and fun side as when she pranked Clark by faking a helmet malfunction causing him to panic only to reveal she was fine – revealing Kryptonians can breathe in the vacuum of space – and laughed at him for panicking and also used the ice asteroids in the asteroid field they were in to engage in their own version of a snowball fight.

Her outing with Jimmy also gave her a chance to really explore and understand the Earth as when she first saw ice cream, she did not know what it was until Jimmy convinced her into eating some and found it delicious. upon continuing exploring Metropolis, she wanted to see everything visually showing her excitement to see and enjoying walking around and exploring the city. This may indicate that due to being raised by Brainiac and conquering worlds without knowing them, she seems to have been raised in a solitary life.

Kara also does not seem fond of loud places, as when Jimmy took her to the bachelor and bachelorette contest she was visibly annoyed by the loud noises and flashing lights though this may be the result of her super hearing.

After finally realizing that everything Brainiac taught her was wrong in "Pierce the Heavens, Superman!" and having been inspired by her cousin and her new earth friends, she decided to do the right thing and make up for her past actions.



When Kara first met her long-lost cousin, she and didn’t like how he was acting and thought his time on earth made him soft.  After defeating her cousin Kara decided to bring him to meet Brainiac and so she could show Superman the might of the Kryptonian empire. However, after getting to know Kal-El she slowly began to see things from his point of view. Their bond grew significantly in a short period, with Kara even calling her cousin by his earth name Clark out of respect.

When she discovered the terrible truth about Brainiac’s intentions, Kara realized she put her cousin in terrible danger and vowed to save him. She was utterly horrified when Brainiac took over Superman’s body and was beside herself with grief and guilt over the whole situation. After Superman was freed from Brainiac's control, she admitted that he was right about everything and joined him in the fight against her former father figure.


Brainiac is Kara's adoptive father, who found and raised her since she was a baby. While their relationship isn't entirely known, Kara is obedient and willfully follows her father's commands. Being okay with conquering other worlds beside him as he had raised her to be this way. Though despite being Brainiac's daughter, Kara considers him to be strict and admits to Jimmy that, despite feeling guilty, she went ahead to Earth without him to explore Earth without the need for parameters and rules he puts on her. Even so, she obeys his commands to where she was willing to kill her own cousin until Brainiac changed his mind.

Her loyalty to him ended when she learns the terrible truth that Brainiac is a warmongering tyrant willing to kill those who refuse his rule and that he brainwashed her to commit horrible atrocities to the worlds he conquered. After realizing Brainiac wasn't malfunctioning and his true intentions and what he really plans to do with Clark, Kara's turns against her adoptive father and reluctantly becomes determined to end his life to stop him from continuing his conquering. Though she is shown to be saddened by this and cried when she assumed she killed him when she turned against him and when Brainiac acknowledged he did indeed love her, bringing her more pain. After witnessing the devastation Brainiac caused firsthand, she finally saw him for the monster he truly was and Kara renounced him and everything he taught her, and even stopped calling him father.

Jimmy Olsen[]

He is the first person who Kara interacted with after saving her from being run down by a truck, unaware of her identity as his best friend's cousin, while she didn't know that he is her cousin's best friend. He gave her a tour on Metropolis, showing the wonders of Earth culture, Jimmy also helps her from finding her cousin, as well of learning Kara's identity as Clark's cousin. Kara shared Jimmy's desire to explore the unknown, as when the two of them went to the roof of the daily planet she expressed her desire to see a world without rules, restrictions or parameters, explore new places and step into the unknown. This is a common ground and interest between the two of them. Jimmy was one of the two people (The other being Superman) that showed Kara and there is more to life than being a warrior and there is also a whole universe outside of the so called Kryptonian empire.

Kara was also grateful to Jimmy for assisting her to find Clark. Because of the time they spent when Kara confronted Clark about wanting to meet him, she considered Jimmy a temptation so how their time together meant something to her. Much later, Clark discovered she had pictures of Jimmy and quickly deduced that she had feelings for him, something that caused her to heavily blush and quickly deny.

Lois Lane[]

Kara’s relationship with Lois stated out very rocky what with Kara kidnapping Clark and with Lois causing emotional pain to Clark during an argument. However, they were willing to work together to rescue Superman from Brainiac. Kara’s view on Lois improved significantly after Lois saved Kal-El from the black mercy and after an extremely grateful Kara showed Lois genuine remorse for her past actions the two ladies slowly begin to trust and respect each other.

Powers and Abilities[]


Kryptonian Physiology: As any other Kryptonian, once charged by yellow sunlight, Kara possesses various superhuman attributes and abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: She possessed immense physical strength, to the point where she can hold her own against Superman.
  • Superhuman Durability: She possesses immense durability, being able to take insane amounts of punishment with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed: She possesses very fast speed, being capable of keeping up with Superman.
  • Superhuman Stamina: She possesses great stamina, being able to push herself to the physical limit without tiring out.
  • Superhuman Hearing: She has incredible hearing.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: She has showcased that Kryptonians can seemingly breathe into space for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Flight: Kara can fly at incredible speed in velocity, being able to travel insanely vast distances within seconds.
  • Heat Vision: Kara is skilled in heat vision and utilizes it to devastating effect, as seen during her conquests of other planets while brainwashed by Brainiac.


  • Master Combatant: Kara proves to be much more formidable than her cousin in battle. Having aided Brainiac in conquering other worlds, she has been fully trained in combat and holds a greater advantage in terms of fighting experience than Superman. This allowed her to defeat Superman with greater ease as her inexperienced cousin couldn't fight back properly.


  • Kryptonite: A glowing green mineral. Exposure to even a small amount is able to cripple Kryptonian, resulting into their body growing crystal.
  • Brainwashing (Formerly): Kara was weak to mind control as showcased by Brainiac easily brainwashing her and blocking her memories and replacing them with false ones. This brainwashing can resurface anytime she strays too far from his ideal as shown when she visited Thanagar and during the hologram of old Krypton. When in this state, Kara becomes cold, emotionless and speaks more oddly, as if Brainiac is speaking through her, and her eyes take on an eerie dulled silver look. Thanks to her cousin's influence and memorabilia she collected from other worlds to remind her of the truth she finally broke free of her programming.
  • Ear Sensitivity: Her super hearing also seems to be sensitive as she hates loud areas.


  • Kryptonian Warrior Suit:
    • Heat Vision Augmentation: Parts of the suit can break off and focus around Kara's face like a magnifying lens, enhancing her heat vision to the point where it overwhelms Superman's own heat vision and can cause greater amounts of destruction than what her unaugmented heat vision is capable of.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]



  • The Kara version of Supergirl first debuted in the pages of Action Comics #252 in 1959, which also featured the debut of Superman villain Metallo in a backup story. A Supergirl was created in the year prior in 1958, a short lived being born from a magical wish by Jimmy Olsen for Superman to have a fellow Kryptonian to talk to as a companion. This story was done for DC to gauge reader reactions to the idea of a female Superman counterpart, which allowed Kara to come into existence because of positive fan responses.
  • Her civilian clothing was designed by the animators to resemble Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Her relationship to Jimmy is somewhat similar between Android 18 and Krillin (who is the best friend of the main character) from Dragon Ball Z.
    • Her character arc also seems to follow some cues from Raditz from the same series, being a blood relative to the alien protagonist who is disappointed at their kindness and fondness towards Earth and its people. However, unlike Raditz, Kara realized she was wrong and also grew fond of Earth and its people, thus making her similar to Vegeta in that regard.


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