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"If we break this, we'll become real reporters."

— Lois Lane to Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent [src]

Lois Lane is a main character in My Adventures with Superman. She is the daughter of Sam Lane, a reporter of the Daily Planet, partnered with photographer Jimmy Olsen, co-reporter, and love interest/girlfriend of Clark Kent.


Early Life[]

Lois is the daughter of USA General Sam Lane and unknown woman. Due to Sam's dedication to his military work, he was emotionally absent as a parent, so Lois was mostly raised by her mother. However, her mother eventually died of illness which she did not know until she realized her father kept it from her.

In college, Lois was classmates with Hank Henshaw, and after college, the two kept in touch with Hank becoming an informant for her at Star Labs.[2] Lois would go on to get an internship at the Daily Planet, with intentions to work her way up by breaking a major story.


Lois is a very beautiful, cute tan-skinned young woman of Korean American descent with a slender-yet-athletic body frame, golden-brown eyes and pixie cut-styled black hair. Clark considers her to be a very beautiful woman. Back when she was a child being raised by her father she had her hair grown out at shoulder length, and then later on as a pre-teen she had waist length hair that she kept in a ponytail.

Her attire consists of a set of small, round red earrings, and a cropped, white and yellow ringer tee under a baggy, olive-green coat with darker-colored trim, yellow drawstrings and some parts of the inside of the attached-hood colored yellow. She also wore dark navy-blue jeans and white sneakers with yellow soles.


"You think he's a plane?"

— Lois Lane to Jimmy Olsen [src]

Lois is a very feisty, caring, and spirited tomboy with a fiery passion for the truth and an unapologetic disdain for liars. She's traded her formal professional demeanor for a bold and no-nonsense attitude that's unafraid to get her hands dirty to dig out the real story.

Lois, with her adventurous spirit, finds herself drawn to stories that unveil the secrets hidden in the shadows. Her relentless pursuit of truth is driven not only by a sense of justice but also by her personal vendetta against deception. Because she has an uncanny ability to sniff out falsehoods, she won't hesitate to call out anyone who tries to deceive her or the public.

Unfortunately, this pursuit tends to get her into trouble with Perry White and was one of the reasons she was still an intern. While her integrity and determination are noble, her reckless and impulsive tendencies tend to drag her and her friends into more trouble, especially when she never takes into consideration the severity of the situation. That, and she is not above lying to her friends to get a story, showing a selfish and hypocritical side to her ambitions.

Her approach to her work may be unconventional, but her sharp instincts and intuition more than make up for it. She relies on her gut feeling and street smarts as much as she does on formal sources. Her friends and allies know that she's fiercely loyal and won't hesitate to have their backs in tough situations.

In her pursuit of truth, Lois may be less focused on maintaining a polished image and more concerned with unveiling the gritty reality of the world. She's willing to take risks and get her hands dirty to uncover the facts that matter, regardless of how messy it may get. And when it comes to Superman, Lois's feelings are genuine and unfiltered. There's no room for pretense or false facades in their relationship. She appreciates his honesty and authenticity and, in return, reveals her true self without reservation.

As seen in Two Lanes Diverged, Lois was shown to have abandonment issues due to her father constantly leaving her. These abandonment issues also seem to be a source of inferiority problems and self worth issues as she believed that her father didn't want to stay with her due to her feeling like she's not enough. After Sam leaves, these issues also take further when she had a conversation with Cat Grant about who Superman's ideal partner should be, as when Cat pointed out that someone who is more successful should be Superman's significant other, this causes Lois to doubt her relationship with Clark believing that the two of them don't make sense and ultimately end their relationship.

In Olsen's Eleven, Lois is visibly guilty over breaking up with Clark and is so single-mindedly focused on making things right that she hires Livewire to help them break into Star Labs to steal a spaceship. She also tends to be more hostile than Jimmy as when the possibility of running into Kara again she brings kryptonite with her and even states that everything was her fault. This hostility was pointed out by Jimmy who compared her to her father which she rejected and even Jimmy states that she is different from him because she gave Clark a chance.

It is shown that Lois's fear of being left is why she broke up with Clark believing that everyone leaves her sooner or later. After a talk with Livewire, she lets go of her fear of being abandoned to find Clark and fix everything that happened between them.


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"Superman! I'd like to interview you for the Daily Planet."

— Lois Lane to Superman [src]
  • Combat Skills: Throughout the series Lois has demonstrated at least basic fighting skills such as punching and kicking. This is best seen when she punched Lex Luthor unconscious, kicked away member of Heat Wave's gang. These skills also go as far as to having knowledge of handling firearms such as the firearms at blasters.
  • Journalism: As a Daily Planet reporter, Lane strives to be one by breaking the news on Superman's secret identity.
  • Investigation: Lois possesses strong investigative skills which help her find facts that will help the story.
  • Sewing: Lois is adept at sewing, having ripped enough of her blazers in her line of work that she keeps her own mini sewing kit to fix any tears.
  • Survival: Lois is skilled in wilderness survival skills, having gone on wilderness survival weekend trips with her dad to know how to track people, use a compass, find a path, set bones and purify water.





  • In the comics, Lois Joanne Lane-Kent is a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist at the Daily Planet, the lover of Clark Kent, alias Superman.
  • This incarnation of Lois has traits carried over from previous iterations in media.
    • She refers to Clark affectionately or teasingly as “Smallville”, a quirk popularized by Dana Delaney’s portrayal of Lois in Superman: TAS.
    • In Episode 4, she was shown to have a little trouble spelling words as shown on written interview note flash cards she gave Clark, a character flaw that was cemented by Margo Kidder’s portrayal in the 1978 Richard Donner movie.
    • The infamous scene where she forces Clark Kent to reveal his identity by throwing herself off a building, despite contention from younger generations of viewers, is actually consistent with the Lois Lane character. The Lois Lane of the Silver Age comics would often recklessly put herself in danger deliberately to expose Superman and this trait was carried over to the Margo Kidder version as she would also throw herself off a building and even Niagara Falls just to try and prove that Clark Kent was Superman.
  • This Lois Lane is the first incarnation to be of a different heritage, being Korean-American. Later confirmed to be a full-blooded Korean rather than mixed, as mentioned by her father in Two Lanes Diverged.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • It has been remarked on social media that My Adventures with Superman iteration of Lois Lane strongly resembles the character Luz Noceda from the Disney animated series The Owl House and at least hairstyle-wise, Catra in her 5th Season appearance from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Whether or not this was intentional is unknown.
    • Another character who similar to this version of Lois Lane design-wise is the Voltron: Legendary Defender iteration of Lance. Both My Adventures With Superman and that show are animated by Studio Mir.
    • According to Jake Wyatt on Twitter, Lois’s character design was influenced by Meryl Stryfe from the 1995 anime Trigun.[3]
  • Interestingly, Lois' aforementioned resemblance with Luz Noceda was attributed to many crew members of My Adventures With Superman apparently involved in The Owl House prior, which may also explained Jimmy Olsen's resemblance to Gus Porter, another The Owl House character.[4]


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