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"And what happens when he decides that having powers means he doesn't have to follow our laws anymore? If he really wanted to hurt us, what could we do about it?"

— Lex Luthor to Jimmy Olsen [src]

Alex "Lex" Luthor is a minor character in Season 1 and is a major antagonist in Season 2 of My Adventures with Superman. He is a former scientist at AmazoTech and Anthony Ivo's former assistant. After Ivo's rampage through the city, Lex struggled to find another job due to his connection to creating the Parasite Suit. Taking advice from Jimmy Olsen to carve his path out, Lex convinces Amanda Waller to hire him as the new head scientist of Task Force X.


AmazoTech Gala[]

Alex is first seen at the AmazoTech gala held by Anthony Ivo. When Ivo steps on stage to announce AmazoTech's newest product, he takes a moment to condescendingly thank Alex for taking care of the food.

He is later seen with Ivo in a secret laboratory located below the gala hall. He warns Ivo about Parasite suit's dangers but Ivo ignores him. Unbeknownst to the two of them, their conversation was overheard by Clark Kent and Lois Lane who were sent by the Daily Planet to write a piece about the AmazoTech gala.

When Ivo prepares to fight Superman to showcase the Parasite suit's capabilities to the gala attendees, he orders Alex, who was operating a control panel in a hidden room overseeing the gala, to activate the Portable Amazo Panic Room™, creating a forcefield that traps Superman and the gala guests with Ivo. During the fight, Alex is discovered by Lois and Jimmy Olsen, who realizes he is controlling the Panic Room from behind the scenes. Alex pulls out a taser to prevent them from interfering with Ivo and Superman's fight but is swiftly knocked out by Lois with a punch to the face, allowing them to shut down the Panic Room using Alex's control panel.

Interview with Vicky Vale[]

Alex is later interviewed by Vicki Vale, who was writing an article about Superman, at the destroyed gala hall. During the interview, he tells Vicky that Superman is dangerous, being responsible for AmazoTech's bankruptcy, causing many people, including himself to lose their jobs. He also insinuates that Superman is responsible for the dangerous technology that has been appearing around Metropolis. The interview is interrupted by Jimmy Olsen who defends Superman's character. Alex retorts by stating that with how powerful Superman is, all it would take is one bad day to bring about the end for them, bringing into question whether or not Metropolis is truly safer with him around. With that, Vicky thanks Alex for the interview and leaves.

Parasite's Return[]

During Parasite's rampage through Metropolis, Alex is shown watching Jimmy Olsen's stream, visibly dismissing Lois Lane's advice to cut Parasite's power by shutting off the electricity to aid Superman.

Job Search and Task Force X[]

Alex tried to regain steady employment by working at STAR Labs as a consultant, as the laboratory had acquired AmazoTech’s assets including the Jumpdrive ship that Alex worked on before the company shut down. However, due to his involvement with the Parasite suit and being an accomplice of Ivo, the researchers did not trust or respect Alex and kept his inventions for themselves and away from him, fearing his bad reputation. Outraged that he could not work on his inventions, he protested that he should be allowed to work on the Jumpdrive ship, but was turned away.

Jimmy Olsen saw Alex arguing with the researchers and came to talk to him as he sat depressed on a bench, encouraging him to try and carve his path in life instead of following others. Thanking him for the advice, Alex tried to introduce himself to Jimmy but was interrupted when Jimmy was called away by Lois to meet with Hank Henshaw.

Alex was later seen in the secret Task Force X compound, deactivating the Parasite suit with a remote before a feral Ivo could get a chance to kill Amanda Waller. He impressed her with his technical expertise and determination to destroy alien threats, introducing himself as Lex Luthor, her new chief scientist. She accepted his offer to work for her and sealed the deal with a firm handshake, asking Lex how he liked his coffee.

Campaign to destroy Superman[]


Alex appears to be a young Caucasian man with brown hair, grey eyes, and grey eyeglasses. In Season One, he wears a purple shirt, black suit trousers, brown shoes, and a black suit jacket with an orange handkerchief in the top pocket. In Season Two, he wears a black shirt, olive trousers, white trainers with an orange streak on the back, and a purple and white letterman jacket with green highlights.


Alex is distrustful of Superman feeling that power corrupts people. He also seems to possess an inflated ego as he gets confrontational with Star Labs scientists after they reject his application to join them saying they should be begging for him to join them as he built the AmazoTech Jumpdrive Ship that they bought after AmazoTech went under.

Alex is also an expert manipulator, quickly able to turn people against Superman, making it seem like he was attacking S.T.A.R. Labs, when Superman was actually trying to save people from out of control technology.


  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Science:
      • Engineering: Alex helped with the development of the Parasite suit and built the prototype of the AmazoTech Jumpdrive Ship.
      • Computer Operation
      • Computer Hacking
    • Master Manipulator


  • Control Panel: Alex operated a control panel behind the gala hall that allowed him to enable and disable the Portable Amazo Panic Room™.
  • Taser
  • Parasite Suit Remote: Lex has a remote control app on his phone that can activate and deactivate the Parasite 1.0 suit with the latter as a means of restraining the user from going out of control.


  • AmazoTech Headquarters
  • Task Force X Facility



  • Lex Luthor first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April, 1940) and was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. A scientist and business man who is intelligent, ruthless and cunning, he is considered to be the archenemy of Superman.
  • Alex was speculated by fans of the show to be Lex Luthor, later confirmed to be his identity by the Adult Swim Season 2 trailer on April 30, 2024.
  • Though likely a coincidence, Alex's hairstyle resembles that of Katie "Pidge" Holmes and in lesser extent, Matthew "Matt" Holt from Voltron: Legendary Defender. Both My Adventures With Superman and that show are animated by Studio Mir. His appearance also resembles a character from Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Naoto Hachiouji.
  • The original Lex Luthor from the comics never wore glasses.


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