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James "Jimmy" Olsen is a main character in My Adventures with Superman. He is a photographer, partnered with reporter Lois Lane and co-reporter/best friend Clark Kent.


Early Life[]


Jimmy appears to be a young African-American male. He has dark brown hair and eyes.


Jimmy is always bubbling with excitement to chase down a scoop. However, his wild belief in the paranormal and the supernatural often shocks people with his role as a journalist, where he need strives to find well-founded facts. Surprisingly, though, he manages to blend these two passions together, becoming a shockingly adept detective who is incredibly useful in unraveling the mysteries of the day.

His belief in aliens, conspiracies, cryptids, ghosts, strange deaths, mysteries, other dimensions, and everything in between knows no bounds, and he staunchly thinks that aliens, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster are all real. To share these eccentric ideas, he runs a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing these theories. Despite having only five followers, or as he calls them, "believers", Jimmy fearlessly presents the most outlandish conclusions imaginable for every lead he stumbles upon. His favorite speculation involves mermaids or aliens being behind various occurrences. Remarkably, sometimes, he turns out to be right, as in his conclusion that Superman is, in fact, an extraterrestrial.

Jimmy's vivacity and absent-minded nature often get him into predicaments where he'd be run over by a truck if it weren't for Clark swooping in to save him just in time.

When it comes to the romantic tension between Lois and Clark, Jimmy is a frantic and presumptuous matchmaker. He supports them as a couple but often ends up killing crucial moments between them.

When it comes to Superman, Jimmy demonstrated significant interest in uncovering his origins, much like Lois. In fact, Jimmy revealed that he had already deduced Clark, his dormitory mate, to be the hero. However, what sets him apart is his remarkable display of respect for personal boundaries. He patiently waited for the opportune moment, allowing Clark to feel comfortable before disclosing the truth.

In stark contrast to Lois, whose primary focus lies in exposing Superman's identity, Jimmy channels his attention towards unraveling the hero's enigma and formulating strategies to enhance the Man of Steel's public image. He is a reliable friend, always ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Despite his quirks, his genuine care and enthusiasm make him a valuable member of Superman's circle.

In Season 2, Jimmy becomes a little overconfident upon becoming wealthy and a bit reckless in spending his money, depleting his $5 million to almost half of the amount by Episode 2 constantly buying things like a private jet and a yacht to help his friends as well as gifts for his coworkers.

Jimmy is shown to be a good judge of character, along with his ability to give advice to motivate people with problems, like Alex, Lois, and lastly, Kara (which he unknowingly inspired the former to become a member of Task Force X, while the latter was able to bring her back to her senses), as he didn't rushed on Kara's actions.


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  • Photography: However, his photography skills are still a work in progress, as his initial attempts result in blurry and unfocused images of the Man of Steel.
  • Journalism: Able to showcase his reporting skills with live-streaming, as he with Lois able to convince Metropolis to help Superman, and helping them escaped Task Force X.
  • Investigation: He uses his forensic science and theories to help him overcome problems like mysteries of creatures, and clues.


  • Photographic camera: Jimmy always carries his camera to catch action.




  • He has a YouTube channel, Flamebird, where he describes his craziest theories.
    • Jimmy's online handle, Flamebird, is a nod to his Silver Age superhero persona, where he acted as the partner of Kal-El's Nightwing.
  • Jimmy slightly resembles to Bow from DreamWorks' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.
  • He is somewhat similar to Krillin, from Dragon Ball Z
    • Best friends with the main characters in a long time
    • Crush on a female humanoids (Supergirl and Android 18)


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