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"Jor-El, your father, was weak, with ambitions so small they could be contained within a cradle. But I dream of the Empire perfected. You will make that happen."

— Brainiac to Superman [src]

Brainiac (BRAIN InterActive Construct) is the main antagonist of My Adventures with Superman.

He is a malevolent and megalomaniacal artificial intelligence who serves as the Primus of the new Kryptonian Empire, where, following the near extinction of the Kryptonian species, he took complete control of the remnants and has been using derelict warships and technology from what remained of the fallen and manipulated it to conquer the rest of the universe as Krypton did before. He's also Clark and Kara's arch nemesis.

Following the aftermath of the Kryptonian genocide, the malevolent entity found a newborn princess of the House of El and later raised and brainwashed her to serve him as his second-in-command.

Twenty-two years later, Brainiac has been leading a campaign of conquest throughout the universe alongside Kara as his enforcer. After he attempted to invade Earth when Kryptonite was detected, he was thwarted by Superman, and the maniacal A.I started actively plotting to conquer it with Kara at the helm.


Krypton's Fall[]

Little is known about Brainiac beyond that it was considered by Jor-El as an AI that helped run the original Kryptonian Empire. The old Kryptonian Empire was an imperial regime that waged war on countless worlds so that they could expand their reach through the universe until one day the Kryptonians picked a fight with an extremely powerful adversary that they could not hope to win against, leading to their destruction.

After the entire Kryptonian species were completely massacred with the exception of two; the children of House El; Kal and Kara, who were sent away by spacecraft in order to escape the world's end, the Brainiac System at this time captured derelict warships and technology from Krypton and manipulated it with the intention of starting a campaign of conquest. The A.I would also later find the daughter of Zor-El and raised her to serve him as his second in command in the making of a New Kryptonian Empire, while also claiming the title of Primus, which is the title of the Kryptonian ruler.


When Kal-El's ship in Smallville reactivates in response to the detection of Kryptonite, the Brainiac system inside the ship activates and deploys an army of robots to attack on the ground while opening up a portal to where the prime Brainiac is at. The ship is eventually destroyed by Superman with the Kryptonite and the portal for the incoming ships vanishes. Observing from the other side of the portal after it shuts, Brainiac simply states that it was unexpected, before turning to Kara, stating that he has found a new planet to conquer.

Facing off against the Son of Jor-El[]


Brainiac is a grey humanoid android with glowing red highlights. He wears a red cloak. On top of his boomerang shaped head is his symbol, three glowing red dots arranged in a triangular formation.


"Ah. Unexpected."

— Brainiac witnessing the destruction of his ship. [src]

Brainiac is uncomfortably very calm and collected to everything around him, as the malevolent entity had a minimal reaction to witnessing the destruction of one of his ships, simply stating that it was "unexpected".[1]

As Krypton's former A.I. system, he was efficient and served the Empire well until its fall, seemingly taking it over and resumed its original goals. However, contrasting with Krypton's past as an empire of well-intentioned extremists, Brainiac's new empire is genocidal and bloodthirsty, exterminating all life simply to collect data. This indicates that Brainiac's prime directive and continuing the empire is horrendously corrupted, and that the New Kryptonian Empire is merely a nightmarish reflection of its grey predecessor.

Brainiac is sadistic, callous, amoral and highly manipulative. He's a monstrous Social Darwinist who saw power and destruction as the greatest form of power there was and saw those who had morality as weak. When Clark called Brainiac cruel for giving a fate worse than death, Brainiac simply responded by saying 'cruel' is a word invented by the weak. His skill in manipulation is demonstrated when he discovered Kara and raised her to be his second-in-command and enforcer for the new empire, teaching her into accepting his methods which she follows. Depending on the situation, he would either support her or brutally reprimand her, and at times brainwash her and erase her memories as a means to keep her loyal. And while Brainiac came to admit that he did love her, he feels love is unneeded for his plans.

As a ruler, Brainiac is considered to be strict and does whatever it takes to benefit his empire, willing to get rid of Superman simply due to seeing him as weak and only changing his mind when he realized Clark displayed abilities he never encountered before in a Kryptonian. This feeds back into Brainiac's Social Darwinism as he came to believe that the Kryptonian Empire was only strong when it conquered other worlds and was disgusted when it became weak in his eyes. More so when he realized that he came to learn to love others such as Kara but feels the need to purge it to continue his goals.


Clark Kent - Brainiac's arch nemesis and source of interest. Originally, he was supposed to meet Clark alongside Kara, but after believing him to be weak, he deemed that he should be taken care of and considered him of no use. It's only after witnessing his unique abilities that Brainiac changed his mind.

Kara Zor-El - Brainiac's former enforcer and adopted daughter. While not much is known about their relationship, Brainiac had raised Kara in a solitary life and taught her until she became a powerful warrior that was willing to make worlds bend to their empire. Kara considers him strict as she implies, he doesn't let her eat certain foods. However, he is in truth emotionally manipulative and shown to brainwash her regularly to make her comply with his demands. And while Braniac does acknowledge to Kara that he genuinely loves her as a daughter, he feels the need to purge himself of it so that he may continue to build the Kryptonian Empire and he brutally attacks her to do so.

Jor-El and Lara Lar-Van: Brainiac worked with Superman's parents on the Kryptonian High Council. Brainiac has a very negative opinion of Jor-El, calling him weak with, "ambitions so small they could fit in a cradle," and said that one of his goals is to make sure his empire will be different from what it was when Jor-El was alive. It is unknown what opinion Brainiac had on Lara.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Kryptonian Android Physiology: To be added
    • Superhuman Intelligence: To be added
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
      • Kryptonite Shielding: To be added
    • Flight: To be added
    • Mechanokinesis: Brainiac can interface with Kryptonian technology, allowing him to control endless legions of androids and fleets of warships.
    • Mind Control: To be added
      • Memory Manipulation:
      • Possession:


  • Master Tactician
  • Master Manipulator
  • Master Combatant
  • Master Hacker



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  • Brainiac otherwise known as Vril Dox was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, first appearing in Action Comics #242 in (July 1958). He is an intelligent Coluan cyborg known for being obsessed with collecting all knowledge in existence through the means of shrinking and preserving cities of alien planets. This has led him to fight with Superman many times, becoming one of his archenemies.
    • This version of Brainiac seems to be inspired by the DCAU version of the character. This version was a planet-wide supercomputer built by Kryptonians for collecting knowledge before he escaped from Krypton's destruction and continued on his conquest to find more knowledge.

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