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Amanda Waller is one of the two main antagonists of Season 1 (alongside Sam Lane) and the secondary antagonist of Season 2 in My Adventures with Superman. A survivor of Zero Day, Waller and Lane formed Task Force X to take down alien threats before they could conqure the Earth. However over the years, her methods came into conflict with Lane's own methods, leading to her betrayal and becoming the current leader of Task Force X.



Amanda is a strict, no-nonsense individual who is willing to do anything to accomplish the mission at hand regardless of how unethical it is as long as it serves the greater good and America’s interests.

Amanda is fully willing to use people in ways that are expendable and even put aside friendships to further her goals and complete her assignments, such as usurping Sam's command of Task Force X through framing him for the criminals escaping when she saw him "going soft" on Superman.

Despite Superman's heroic deeds, Amanda firmly believes that he is a threat to humanity and America's national security, and will go to lengths that even Sam would not dare to; such as executing the Kryptonian to stop him. This is partly a result of her traumatizing experience on Zero Day, which turned her into an even colder and more brutal person just to survive after nearly dying during the first invasion.

Amanda’s “ends justify the means” mindset has lead her to cross several ethical lines. These include kidnapping both many prisoners and civilians to use them as test subjects with Krytponian technology. Amanda tried justifying her actions by claiming no one would miss them.

Amanda even went as far as to try and kill the prisoners, Sam, and Sam’s daughter Lois, to prevent news of her inhumane operations reaching the public. Once again trying to justify that their deaths would be worth it if the rest of humanity would be safe.

This shows how not only how Amanda’s moral’s are much darker than Sam’s, but she’s also willing to kill anyone to keep herself in power, and those who either go against her or her viewpoint.

Amanda is also willing to betray even people she’s been friends with for a long time like Sam if it means getting her way. Amanda willingly allowed Livewire to go rogue, despite knowing the damage she would do, just to usurp Sam’s position as leader of Task Force X


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  • Amanda Waller's appearance is directly based on her Young Justice design, making her stand out when compared to the rest of the cast.

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